$1,511 Extra Payment ~ When will SSI Couples Get This Payment in December 2023?

All Social Security Recipients will receive two checks in December. One payment was made available on 1 December 2023 and the other will be on 29 December 2023. If you are eligible and receiving Supplemental Security Income from the Social Security Administration, you can wait for a payment to be made to you in December 2023.

Today’s article is based on the $1,511 Extra Payment for SSI Couples coming this December. All you need to know. If you are serious about the updates and also want to know the payment mode then you can read this article in which all the information is given.

$1,511 Extra Payment for SSI Couples

You can receive payments if you are an SSI recipient and also have a disability. The second check will be available to the recipient as payment for January 2024. After receiving this payment, there will be no payment for January 2024. However, the administration has made it clear that eligible people will get double the payment in January, April, July and December and there will be no payment in March, June, September and December. SSA will provide you with SSI Payments in advance where there will be a few months without payment. SSI Payment 2023 Amount will be made available for individuals and couples.

Social Security Administration will provide an additional payment of $1511 for SSI Couples and in the year 2024, SSA is going to increase the SSI Payment as in 2023 the payment will be provided as US$914 for single filers and the payment for couples is US$1371. Normally Supplemental Security Income is made by SSA on the 1st of every month so the first payment will be provided on December 1st and the second payment will be made in January 2024 but SSA will provide this payment a few days earlier in December.

Therefore, people will not get any payment in January 2024. The payment will increase in 2024 and the individual will receive US$943 per month as a single filer and US$1415 per month as a couples filer. If you have any dependents then this program will pay you extra for them and you can claim accordingly.

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SSI $1511 Extra Payment December 2023 – Overview

DepartmentSocial Security Administration
Payment TypeSupplemental Security Income (SSI)
BeneficiarySSI Recipient
Payment AmountUSD 1513
CategoryGovt Aid
SSI Extra Payment ScheduleDecember 2023
Increase in SSI PaymentFor Single: US$947
For Couples: US$1415
Official Websitessa.gov

What are SSI Amounts for 2024?

Many eligible people are receiving Supplemental Security Income from the Social Security Administration and for the year 2024, the SSI Amount will be changed according to changes in the cost of living. The annual payment is increased for all eligible SSI recipients and the increased amount is provided to them for their benefit month. If you want to know how much amount I will get from SSI Amount in 2024 then you can see the following table and know the updates available there.

RecipientUnrounded annual amounts for 2023Unrounded annual amounts for 2024Monthly amounts for 2024
Eligible individual$10,970.44$11,321.49$943
Eligible couple16,453.8416,980.361,415
Essential person5,497.805,673.73472

SSA will determine the SSI Monthly Amount for the next 2024 year according to the increase in cost of living and the amount will be adjusted as of January for the following year. If you are looking for the new rounded amount this will be adjusted by dividing by 12 months and rounding the resulting amount to the next lower multiple of $1.

If there is any reduction in the amount, it will be determined according to the increase in your annual income. If you are filing jointly then the amount will be divided equally between both spouses. Different states have supplementary benefits which can be seen on the official website.

$1,511 Extra Payment ~ When will SSI Couples Get This Payment in December 2023?

Will There be Double Payment for SSI Recipients?

Double payment means SSI Recipients will receive two payments in a month. In December 2023, the first payment was made on December 1, 2023, as Supplemental Security Income made on the 1st of each month. The second payment will be made on 29th December 2023 and it is a predetermined payment which was made in January 2024 but SSA has decided to make this payment earlier by a few days.

The millions of Americans anticipating this SSI December Payment should be aware that the SSI $1513 Extra Payment will be made on December 29, 2023. Payments are available to all beneficiaries age 65 or older who are receiving Social Security benefits. This payment is also specifically for low and middle-income families or disabled families who want some additional financial support from the government. Federal SSI Benefits Increase in line with inflation and COLA increases. So you should visit the official website to learn more updates and also know how the SSI benefits will increase for 2024.

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SSDI Payment December 2023

What is the SSI Payment Schedule for December 2023?

All SSI beneficiaries are waiting for their SSI $1513 Extra Payment in December 2023 but SSA has scheduled the payment for the eligible individual. As per the SSI payment schedule, this is done on the 1st of each month. So the first payment of SSI benefit was made on 1st December 2023 and the second is scheduled for 29th December 2023. The second payment is scheduled for January 2024 but SSA officials will provide it a couple of days before the payment. So if you want to receive payment then wait and check the official website for the latest updates.

For the year 2024, SSA may increase SSI Payments. This will happen due to an increase in the inflation rate and then an increase in the cost of living. SSI benefit payments have also decreased as annual income has increased. So if your annual income is increasing then your profit will also reduce. So you should check and provide accurate information before SSI makes payment to you. If you want to know the update then you can visit the official website or update the information by logging into the account.

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