The Process of AMC Class Action Settlement 2024-Eligibility Criteria & DateSheet

AMC Networks Inc. was accused of disclosing personal customer data without their knowledge and without receiving consent from customers, according to an AMC Class Action Lawsuit 2024 lawsuit filed on March 13, 2024, against AMC Group Holdings LLC (now AMC Networks).

As per this suit, the personal information of users has been disclosed without their knowledge to third-party tracking companies without consent from customers. A final ruling for AMC Class Action Settlement 2024 will take place via telephone on May 16, 2024, with an approximate total settlement value estimated between $8 and $9 Million, with only eligible recipients receiving their money back; please refer back here for full details regarding AMC Class Action Lawsuit 2024! Here, you will find all the details related to AMC Class Action Lawsuit 2024!

Post Title AMC Class Action Settlement 2024
Company name AMC Network VPPA Settlement of United States
Country United States 
AMC Class Action Lawsuit 2024The personal data of the users have been shared with third-party 
Eligibility Must live in the US from 18 January 2021 onwards 
Final hearing date 16 May 2024
Payment date Within 90 days after the final hearing 
Payment mode Online 
Post type Finance

Settlement Agreement

AMC Network VPPA Settlement of United States The AMC Network VPPA Settlement in the United States has come under attack by government claims alleging mishandling of user personal data. This class action lawsuit alleging AMC Network Inc. for providing users’ personally identifiable data to third-party tracking companies without their knowledge and consent was filed at Class Action 2024 Lawsuit.

The Process of AMC Class Action Settlement 2024 Claim

Allegedly, this conduct violates laws regarding privacy – specifically the Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA). The settlement was reached for AMC Class Action Lawsuit 2024, wherein it is claimed that the personal information of users registered for AMC Services, AMC+, Shudder, Acorn TV ALLBLK, and HIDIVE has been disclosed to third-party tracker companies. The settlement class will only include you if you resided within the United States from 18 January 2021 until 10 January 2024 and had access to videos on at least one of six AMC services.

Individuals included in this settlement will be entitled to receive a cash payout that equals their share of the Settlement fund after costs and expenses incurred by the Court are deducted, plus relief in kind: A subscription via digital to AMC+ Streaming service as provided through this relief in kind agreement.

Under the settlement agreement, AMC is bound to suspend, close down, or modify functioning for Facebook Pixel and any third-party Tracking Technologies within 90 days from entering final judgment; they must provide Class Counsel with an affirmation certifying that this action was completed successfully.

Settlement for class action 2024 cases

Citizens in The United States were victims of AMC’s security breach which compromised personal data shared. They were now being distributed. An AMC Class Action Settlement 2024 settlement should be final on 16 May, and within 90 days, one will likely have their cash.

Class Action AMC Lawsuit 2024.

AMC Lawsuit 2024 seeks to address and rectify privacy concerns raised by plaintiffs. This ensures better user data protection as well as compliance with current legislation going forward. A settlement offers indemnities to claimants who qualify while also mandating AMC to examine its data handling processes to prevent future violations from taking place.

Settlement and lawsuit highlight both the significance of online privacy as well as legal obligations placed upon companies to safeguard customer data privacy.

Settlement Amount 

As soon as the settlement hearing date was revealed, many have begun asking what AMC Class Action Settlement Amount 2024 they will receive as part of it. Estimations state that $8.3 million will be dispersed through settlement funds to individuals. While exact figures will not be given out per individual due to the different variables involved and due to Court costs being subtracted, an estimate should give some idea.


Date Event 
9 April 2024Claim deadline 
9 April 2024Claim exclusion 
9 April 2024Objection deadline 
16 May 2024Final approval 

Factors Affecting an AMC Class Action Settlement in 2024

Although no exact formula exists to establish individual payouts, various factors could impact how much each applicant will be granted.

Total Number of Valid Claims:

  • At its heart is one key consideration – when multiple valid claims exist, and settlement is divided across more claims with smaller individual settlements as a result.
  • As more claims come in, chances for payout per individual diminish.

Settlement Administration Costs (SACs).

  • Administrative, legal, and claims processing expenses related to the lawsuit, as well as its settlement, will all be deducted from the $8.3 million sum before any individual payouts can be determined.
  • Costs associated with processing claims could include attorney and court fees, notifications costs, and processing claims fees.
  • Less administrative costs means more funds available for claimants who are individuals.

Possible Tiers and Subclasses.

Even though not officially approved, a settlement agreement could include subclasses and tiers to address specific needs such as:

  • Service(s) utiliSed (AMC+ as opposed to different platforms)
  • Time of Use 
  • Injury Evidence. (If applicable.)

Each tier and subclass may receive their share of the settlement balance in addition to administrative costs at different percentages; this could result in different payouts depending on which category a claimant belongs.

Adjustments and Verification of Claims:

  • Administrator of Claims will review submitted claims to determine their eligibility as well as identify duplicate or inconsistent claims.
  • Changes may need to be implemented if claims are rejected as incorrect or duplicate submissions are discovered.
  • Verification can have an enormous effect on both valid claims and payouts for individuals.

Appeal or Objection Filing Information and Procedures.

Legal disputes or disagreements over a settlement agreement could potentially delay or affect how payments are distributed.

Eligibility Criteria 

The AMC Class Action Lawsuit alleges violations of the Video Privacy Protection Act by AMC Networks by disclosing users’ data without their express permission to third parties without compensation being due to them. The eligibility criteria to participate and potentially be compensated in this settlement agreement are very specific and include several key components:

Attractive Requirements: Individuals must hold a valid registration with AMC’s streaming services, such as AMC+, or any of the other services included, such as Shudder, Acorn TV, ALLBLK, and Sundance Now HIDIVE, to qualify.

Period Affected: Eligibility is restricted to individuals who signed up for AMC Services between March 25 and January 25, 2023, and were invoking these services since this will reveal when breaches occurred.

Services Access: When making claims against AMC services, claimants should have easy access to them via internet browsing, mobile applications, or streaming platforms controlled by them – this ensures they were directly affected by its procedures under review.

Place: As this lawsuit does not stipulate any geographical limitations, individuals from anywhere across the U.S. (and potentially further) could potentially participate in it, provided they meet other conditions for participation.

Legal Representation: Individuals who previously hired legal representation to file arbitration claims on their behalf concerning this issue cannot be included as Settlement Class members; this exclusion prevents overlaps and any possible double dipping of legal remedies.

Process of AMC Class Action Settlement 2024 claim

Participation in the AMC Class Action suit settlement is workable upon taking several steps that ensure the validity of the case and the highest amount of compensation offered. Here is an in-depth guide that details how best to submit it: Here is an in-depth guide that details how best to submit it:

Launch Your Claims Process: Reach the AMC Class Action Settlement site at to start the process of claiming your share today.

Read All Details Carefully: Evaluate the case thoroughly before filing any suitcase-eligibility conditions and settlement agreement terms are the key areas of consideration.

Verifying Your Eligibility: A way for the establishment of eligibility would be the use of AMC services, which should have been done within a certain agreed period, and you should then clearly prove that you are eligible.

Gather Documents and Data: As proof of your words, remember to have all the details, etc., with you, such as membership documents or evidence of usage.

Fill Out an Online Claim Form (Form): Submitting Claim (Online Form) Fill in an appropriate online claim form that includes both personal and AMC service usage data, then click submit for processing.

Before Submitting, Check Your Submission: Double-check that all information entered is accurate before applying for consideration.

Submitting Your Claim: Once your submission method (preferably online for ease) has been selected, submit your claim by April 9th, 2024, for consideration.

Make A Copy: Once submitted, take an image of both the completed claim form as well as any confirmation receipts to keep with your documents.

Wait Time for Processing: An administrator of claims will review your claim to determine if you qualify for settlement.

Keep Up-To-Date on Updates: For accurate status of your claim, check in periodically at the official Settlement Administrator site or contact them directly for updates on its progress.

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FAQs For AMC Class Action Settlement 2024 Claim

What Is AMC Class Action Settlement 2024 Based Upon?

AMC Class Action Settlement 2024 concerns allegations that AMC used improperly or without authorisationauthorisation the personal data belonging to users.

What is the final hearing date of Class Action 2024?

A final hearing date for Class Action 2024 has been scheduled as 16 May 2024.

Date for when people will receive their AMC Class Action Settlement 2024? Class Action 2024 claims will receive their settlement amount within 90 days following the hearing, following approval at an amcvppasettlement hearing.

Where can I obtain updates regarding the Class Action Settlement of AMC 2024?

Staying abreast with updates regarding AMC Class Action Settlement 2024 can be done easily through

Will participating in the AMC Class Action Settlement affect my rights in any way?

Being a member of the settlement normally means that one must accept certain terms, among them the aim of releasing AMC from all further legal obligations concerning the very specific claims given by the settlement agreement. One should be oblivious to the terms and conditions, especially if they have a doubt or need advice from a lawyer.

What should I do if I believe I am eligible for the AMC Class Action Settlement but have not received a notification?

In the event, you believe you are eligible and have not received any instructions. You can visit the official settlement website or contact the claims administrator to verify your eligibility and step forward.

Can I opt out of the AMC Class Action Settlement if I prefer not to participate?

In other scenarios, people are presented with the option of exiting the settlement because they do not desire to be participants. The decision can create a conflict with the ability of you to sue AMC according to the same issue legally independently.

Where can I find more information about the AMC Class Action Settlement and related updates?

In case you want to know more about the AMC Class Action Settlement, such as the newest eligibility updates, claim status inquiry, and distribution of payout, you can visit the official settlement website or seek assistance from the claims administrator.

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