SSI Payment December ~ Who is Eligible to Get Another SSI Payment in December this Week?

If you are a Supplemental Security Income Beneficiary then here is good news for you. The Social Security Administration is providing you with a Double SSI Payment this December 2023. If you have already been received the SSI Payment on the 1st of December 2023 then ready to receive Another SSI Payment with a 3.2% COLA increase. The SSI Payment will give you some extra income that you can use for your daily expenses.

All the Beneficiaries of SSI will receive this amount with their daily benefits. So if you are anticipating the Supplemental Security Income December Payment then read the following sections carefully. This will be a renowned generosity income that will be gifted to the eligible SSI Recipients this December 2023. You may collect further details below.

SSI Payment December

At the end of the year 2023, the Social Security Administration is planning to give Another SSI payment this December for the eligible beneficiaries. If you are a valid SSI Applicants need to check out the official updates and know When Will SSI Payment December be Received and who can get Another Payment this December from SSI. If you belong to a lower-income family and also have a disability with an age of 65 or older then can receive the SSI Benefit from the government.

Another SSI Benefit Payment will be available if you meet all the requirements. This payment will give you support for those who are unable to work due to physical disabilities like Blindness in the age of retirement i.e. 65 or older. If you are qualifying for this payment then it will be available in your account once issued by the department.

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SSDI Payment December 2023

December Supplemental Security Income – Overview

DepartmentSocial Security Administration
Article OnSSI Payment December
BeneficiarySSI Recipients
Amount$943 for Singles & $1371 for Couples
SSI Another Payment Available With3.2% COLA Increase
CategoryGovt Aid
Another Payment Date29th December 2023

Another SSI Payment this December

For the year 2023, the US Federal government provide the Maximum SSI Payment for an eligible individual is $914 and for couples it can be $1371. However, due to COLA Increase for 2024, the maximum payment can be increased to $943 for Individuals and Couples will be increased to $1415. So if you received your SSI benefit on the 1st of December 2023 you hen should be ready to receive Another SSI Payment in December which can be issued on the 29th of December 2023.

This amount will be available with an increased COLA of 3.2%. Because there will be a holiday on 1st January 2024, the department has decided to give this payment early in December 2023 and you should not wait for the next payment until January 2024. Eligible beneficiaries will receive this payment in their account on the release date. You can check your account as well as My Account Logging on the SSA Portal. Below you can check further updates on SSI Payment December 2023.

SSI Payment December ~ Who is Eligible to Get Another SSI Payment in December this Week?

Will I Get an Extra SSI Payment in December 2023?

There are many expectations for the release of Another SSI Payment this Week in December 2023. According to the latest SSA Updates, eligible beneficiaries who have already received their SSI December Payment on 1st should also be ready to receive another payment which will include the 2023 Cost of Living Adjustment. the eligible beneficiary will receive this payment with the COLA Increase of 3.2%. So this can make some changes to become eligible to receive an Extra SSI Payment in December 2023.

The Another SSI Payment December 2023 is on the way and soon it will be available to you. After receiving this Extra Supplemental Security Income from SSA, you will not see an increase in that payment until January. The Benefit amount is made available for all SSI Beneficiaries for the January 2024 Month. Because there will be a holiday on 1st January SSA has decided to provide this payment early in December 2023. For this reason, you will get a Double SSI Payment in December 2023 which has already been updated by the department on its website. So now you can wait for Another Payment This Week and get some additional income from Social Security.

Will Another SSI Payment with COLA Increase be Available on 29 Dec?

According to the official source, the Social Security Administration is being provided another SSI Payment this Week for the eligible SSI Beneficiaries. This Payment will be available for the January 2024 Month because there is a holiday on that date. The Extra SSI Payment December 2023 will be available with a COLA Increase which can improve your monthly figure than previous year. However, the Payment available in December 2023 will be for January Month and eligible people will get this payment in December month. So for this reason SSI beneficiaries will be getting Two SSI Payment in December 2023.

The Department has decided a date for this payment and it can be on 29th December 2023. However, SSI Double Payment is available in March, June, September, and December where January, April, July, and October remain payment-free. The Double SSI Payment December will provide additional assistance and they can receive much amount than they received monthly. This payment will be beneficial for all the people to cover their needs. It is also essential for all those people who are strongly lower in finance. So it can be important for you and provide you with some extra amount in one month.

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SSI Payment December Schedule 2023

From the Next Year, you will receive some additional amount in your monthly income from SSI. There will be a COLA Increase of 3.2% and the increase may be realised in your monthly earnings from Social Security. Once COLA Increase it will impact your monthly payment and also give you some extra payment that you have received in 2023. The First SSI COLA Increase Payment will be available in January 2024. However, SSA has decided to give this payment in December 2023 because there is a holiday on 1st January. You can check further SSI Payment January Schedule 2024 below.

  • If you have received the SSI Payment Before May 1997 then the SSI Payment for January 2024 will be made on the 1st of January 2024.
  • If there will be any holiday then the payment can be available earlier in December 2023.
  • Whenever you start your SSI Benefit After May 1997 then the payment will be made to your Date of Birth Basis.
  • If your DOB Falls between the 1st and 10th of each month then the SSI Payment will be made on the Second Wednesday.
  • If your DOB Falls between the 11th and 20th of each month then the payment would be on the Third Wednesday.
  • If your DOB falls between the 21st and 31st of each month then the payment will be made on the Fourth Wednesday.
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