OAS Increase 2024 ~ Complete Analysis of How Much will CPP and OAS Increase in 2024?

This is a good update for all those Canadians who are part of OAS (Old Age Security) as well as CPP (Canada Pension Plan) and receiving benefits from the Government of Canada then you should read this article carefully. Here the Canadian government has enhanced the CPP and OAS Plan and its benefits will be available for all applications that are receiving OAS payments from the government.

Today I am here to give you information about how much CPP and OAS will increase in 2024 along with OAS Increase in 2024 with detailed analysis. If you also want to witness this salary increase and get the OAS Increase Payment in 2024 then check the following details carefully.

OAS Increase 2024

Old Age Security (OAS) and the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) are both old-age plans for people who turn 65 years of age. The government wants to secure the further life of all those who have retired from their service. OAS and CPP Payments in 2024 will be available to all Canadians, regardless of province. According to the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) the OAS and CPP Payments were set at $66600 for 2023 and now the OAS and CPP Increase in 2024 will set at $68500.

All eligible Canadians will receive the increased amount from the government beginning in 2024. However, you will now receive the previously stipulated limit as the OAS and CPP Payment Increases will be made available from January 2024 onwards. If you want more then this article will solve all your questions. So keep reading it till the end.

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Canada Government Payment Dates

Canada Old Age Security Payment Increase in 2024 – Overview

PlanOAS and CPP
AuthorityCanada Revenue Agency (CRA)
Eligibility Age65 and above
Purpose of PlanProvide Financial Assistance
OAS and CPP increase in 2024CAD 68500
Current OAS & CPP Payment in 2023CAD 66600
CategoryGovt Aid
Mode of PaymentDirect Deposit or Via Cheque
Official WebsiteCanada.ca

Old Age Security (OAS) Increase 2024

OAS and CPP Benefits will be available to Canadians aged 65 and over. Millions of Canadians are receiving OAS and CPP Benefits from the government and this is also their dependency after their retirement. Every person under OAS Eligibility can apply for this scheme and get the amount from the government.

Below I have covered all the updates and you will find OAS and CPP Eligibility, how to get an increase in amounts from OAS and CPP in 2024, and much more. The CPI (Canadian Price Index) is typically used to set OAS and CPP payment limits and increases according to inflation and determines eligible monthly basis.

OAS Increase 2024 ~ Complete Analysis of How Much will CPP and OAS Increase in 2024?

Canada OAS Payment 2024 Maximum Threshold Limit

CategoryAnnual IncomeThe spouse who gets full payment and is of age from 60 to 64 years
Age 65 to 74 years$134626$707.68
Age 75 above$137331$778.45
Single, Widowed or Divorced$21456 and Less$1057.51 and Above
Have a Spouse who gets OAS Full payment$28320 and Less$636.26 and Above
Have a spouse who gets an allowance$39648 and Less$636.26 and Above
Have a spouse who doesn’t get OAS payment or Allowance$51408 and Less$1057.01 and Above
The spouse who gets full payment and are of age from 60 to 64 years$39648 and Less$1343.94 and Above
Surviving spouse of age from 60 to 64 years$28872 and Less$1602.07 and Above

How Much will OAS and CPP Payment Increase in 2024?

According to the Canadian Price Index analysis, inflation could lead to OAS and CPP Increases in 2024. Those eligible can receive OAS Increase Payments from the government from January 2024. Maximum CPP/OAS pensionable earnings for 2024 will increase from CAD 66600 to CAD 68500. As per the increase, employer and employee rates for 2024 will remain at 5.95% and 11.9% respectively. CPP benefits will determine the individual’s contributions to the Canada Pension Plan and they will need to make a one-time contribution to the CPP to receive benefits. People age 18 and over can make CPP Contributions that will be based on average earnings, age at application, and their CPP contributions.

If you want to receive OAS Benefits it will have to be applied manually as the government does not have enough information about you to give you an OAS Increase 2024. This scheme becomes active after you reach the age of 65 years and it will continue for you. Entered at the age of 70. OAS and CPP payments will increase according to inflation and the increased payment will then be passed on to you as the basis for the adjustment. You can use the OAS and CPP Calculator to better understand the salary increases. Check out the section below to know more.

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What are the OAS and CPP Payment Dates?

OAS Payment MonthOAS Payment Dates
November 202328
December 202320
January 202429
February 202427
March 202426
April 202426
May 202429
June 202426
July 202429
August 202428
September 202425
October 202429
November 202427
December 202420

How to Use OAS and CPP Calculator for Estimate Payment?

This is important because OAS is a retirement aid for anyone who has lived in Canada for at least 10 years since the age of 18. You may be eligible for Old Age Security Payment if you are aged 65. You will receive OAS payments every month. If you are aged 65 or over, but not over 70, the OAS will increase by 0.6%.

As per the latest update, you will receive an increase of approximately 7.2% in OAS and CPP payments per year. Your age is 70 years and after that, no increase will be given through this scheme. OAS payments will remain constant above age 70. This means that whenever you start OAS payment benefits from age 65 to age 70, you will receive approximately 36% additional benefits from this scheme.

Age Max PaymentNet Income (Annual)
65 years to 74 years$707.68/ Month$134,626 and Less
75 Years and Above$778.45/ Month$137,331 and Less

Detailed Analysis of OAS and CPP Increase

OAS is an old-age security plan that all Canadians are eligible for if they are aged 65 and older. CPP is the Canada Pension Plan and is available after retirement. OAS and CPP Payments will be increased according to the Canada Price Index which determines inflation each year and then adds some amount if possible.

The increase in OAS and CPP Payments in 2024 will be available from January 2024 and only eligible individuals can receive the increase from the government. The CPP payment increase will be based on how much you contributed to the CPP and the increase will only affect people who contribute to the CPP after 2019. So keep in touch with the official website and also this website for more latest updates.

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