Facebook Settlement Payment Date ~ When Will You Receive FB Lawsuit Claim Check and How can You File Appeal

This is important for all those users who are waiting for a Facebook settlement check if they have filed an FB Settlement Claim Form online. Due to the FB Privacy Breach Lawsuit, the United States Court has directed Facebook to complete the settlement and provide the claim to the eligible user.

As per the FB Settlement Rule, the eligible user must be a user of Facebook between May 24, 2017, and December 22, 2022, and will also have to provide evidence related to privacy invasion. If you are also a user who has applied for the FB Settlement Claim Application Form and now wants to check the Facebook Settlement Claim Payment Date then you need to read this entire article and know the updates here.

Facebook Settlement Check

Now Facebook has started making payments on valid settlement claims to all those users who have applied for it. But if you have applied the form then Facebook will verify all the details and also verify the violence claim under FB Settlement Claim Rules so that you can get paid for it. You have to provide all the details whenever you file the FB Settlement Claim Form online.

All the details in the form like email ID, Facebook ID, valid mobile number and many others should be filled in correctly. After verification, a Facebook settlement claim payment will be made for you and can be received in November 2023 for which the exact FB Settlement Payment Date 2023 is not announced yet.

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Facebook Settlement Claim Payment 2023 – Overview

Article OnFB Settlement Check & Payment Date
CountryUnited States
Eligible Timeline24th May 2007 to 22nd December 2022
Total FB Settlement PayoutAround $735 Million
FB Settlement Claim Per Person$1000 to $2000
Official websitefacebookuserprivacysettlement.com

FB Settlement Claim Payment Date

As per the latest information, Facebook has issued around $735 million to all the users who were using Facebook during the given time and faced violence issues during that time. If you are an eligible user during that time then you will be eligible for an FB Settlement Claim and can apply to receive payment from Facebook.

All users in the United States are eligible to receive the FB Settlement Claim payment from the company and for this, you have to submit the Facebook Settlement Claim Form to receive the amount. You must also provide valid bank account details in which Facebook can transact the FB Settlement Payout for you. More details can be checked in the following sections.

Facebook Settlement Payment Date ~ When Will You Receive FB Lawsuit Claim Check and How can You File Appeal

Facebook Settlement Update

Facebook has millions of users around the world and it is the responsibility of Facebook to maintain the privacy of its users. However, after the arrival of Meta, some users claimed that they were harassed with data privacy as they claimed that Facebook provided their user data to a third-party website. This FB Settlement Case reached the US High Court and the final judgment was given on October 10, 2023, in which Facebook was told that it would have to pay the amount to the eligible users whom they have harmed by this situation.

Finally, Facebook agreed to provide the claim to all users and invited such users to submit the FB Settlement Claim Form online. Eligible users can now submit the form and receive the FB settlement payment from the company, but they have to provide accurate information along with proof. If you were a Facebook User in the last 16 years during the given time and also reside in the United States then you are eligible to submit the form and receive the FB Lawsuit Payment from the company. You have to provide some information in the application form as I have mentioned below.

Information used for FB Settlement Claim Form Online

If you are submitting the Facebook Settlement Claim Form then need to provide some details that are essential to submit the form. All the details are mandatory for the eligible user and you can check the details in the below section.

  • Facebook User Name
  • Email Address on which FB Account is Created,
  • Valid Mobile Number Registered to Facebook,
  • Ensure to create the Facebook Account Between 24th May 2007 and 22nd December 2022.
  • Provide a Valid Bank Account for the Transaction.

FB User Privacy Settlement Claim Form 2023 Eligibility

If you are one of those users who are suffering from FB privacy issues and now want to submit the FB Settlement Claim Form then you have to visit the official website and submit it. The FB User Privacy Claim Form is now available for users who reside in the United States and created an account between the given dates. You can submit an FB Claim form for User Privacy Settlement through the official website. After the form, eligible users can get compensation from Facebook and will be given around $1000 to $2000 per person after completing the full eligibility.

Facebook will verify all details before making the Facebook Settlement Payment to the eligible individual. If you are one of the users who meet the criteria then you can receive the payment in your bank account which will take around 90 days to be approved. FB has agreed to a lawsuit accusing the Meta-owned social platform of sharing user data without permission and has agreed to pay $735 million in compensation as an FB Settlement Claim payout. If you have found yourself harmed by data privacy then you can apply for FB Settlement Claim Appeal within 90 days and then the authorities will verify your application to make further settlement payment to you.

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FB Lawsuit Claim Payment Date

According to a judgment announced on 10th October 2023, all US Citizens will be eligible to get the FB Settlement Claim Payment from the company if they meet all the criteria set by Facebook itself. The Settlement Claim will be given to only those users who are totally harassed by the Data Privacy and also have valid evidence about this. You need to file the FB Settlement Claim Form Online and provide all the details that will make you eligible for this payment. Soon after the verification, FB lawsuit Claim Payment will be made for you and you can receive the FB Settlement Claim Payment directly in the provided bank account.

As of now, Facebook Lawsuit Claim Payment Date 2023 has not been released but as expected, it can be released in November 2023. So if you have submitted the form and now are waiting for the same then can move to the official website and check the FB Settlement Claim Status Online. Once you are verified for the claim the website will show you the claim there and you can easily track the FB Lawsuit Claim Payment Online. For more details, you can go through the official website or stay connected with us.

How to Appeal if FB Lawsuit Claim is Rejected?

If you are a User who filed for the FB Settlement Claim but it has been turned down the notification will be received through the given email address. After that, you can take responsibility for it and file an FB Settlement Claim Appeal within the given time. You can go through the official website where complete information has been given for the user to make this process on time.

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