Content Creators Coalition ~ What is it and Everything You Need to Know

In this article, we are going to discuss the details of Content Creators Coalition organizations. This article will help its reader understand the reason behind the existence of the Content Creators Coalition and its agendas. Once the basics are clear Inter BSEB Magazine article will elaborate on the aims and objectives as well as activities of the organization to clarify the role it is playing for the betterment of all content creators and artists.

Why Content Creators Coalition does exist and what are its objectives?

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The Content Creators Coalition or C3 is a non-profit organization which operates in the United States of America. The organization is known to represents the collective body of contents creators including performers, musicians, and songwriters of the digital domain. Additionally, The C3 or Content Creators Coalition also serves the interests of customers of content creators in the United States of America.

The C3 functions as a membership-based organisation which is founded and managed by a group of artist which make sure the organisation achieves its goal of non-profit advocacy representing content creators in the digital arena. The ideals of this group based on ethical values of ensuring level playing field to all content creators.

What are the activities that Content Creators Coalition indulges in?

The Content Creators Coalition organisation realizes the necessities of content creators such as the need of producing quality cultural content and to give a platform for such creators that wants to develop their unique ideas into reality and help society to gain perspective from experiencing it. Further, the organisation is constantly working towards building an eco-system which ensures the presence of a systematic framework which is capable of amplifying the collective voices of content creators. This is of paramount importance as nothing can make greater impact on realizing the rights of content creators than a focused and definitive leadership which this organisation aims to provide.

The world we live in is an ever-changing entity and similarly today’s business environment is dynamic and challenging for new and existing content creators. This organisation intends to help the content creators in not only adapting but thriving in this environment by assisting in streamlining their efforts, aiding realization of their latent potential and sponsoring them financially.

Content Creators Coalition ~ What is it and Everything You Need to Know

Why is it necessary for a non-profit organization to sponsor events for content creators?

Every activity and plans require some sort of financial backing to achieve its full potential. For instance, if an organisation sponsors musicians that can generate good content capable of claiming a good response from the audience which will result in ticket sale. Such an event in turn will help make significant gains for the organisation as a sponsor.

This will further enable them to invest on more artists for more content creation. In any form of organisational activity money is a great enabler for any organisation to achieve its necessary objectives. Content Creators Coalition herein intends to solidify the fulfilment of basic needs and rights of content creators which will needs time as well as money.

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Why is it necessary to have an organisational framework such as Content creators Coalition to be present for securing rights of content creators?

Rights are the guarantees provided by the State to every individual under its purview. Content creators are no exception to that but there is always a need to push for the necessary changes and additions to already present rights. An organisation such as Content Creators Coalition acts as pressure group and a homogenous body to push for such changes and additions.

The organisation carry out the required groundwork for making the collective voice regarding the needs and expectations of all content creators heard by the State and its policymakers. Content Creators Coalition is completely devoted to its work for the betterment of all content creators and artists. It will always ensure the eventuality of content creators and artists receiving what theirs. The organisation is an effective tool to make things happen in the favour of content creators and thus it is the proof of its necessity to exist.

For example, it only a bunch of musician band together and start protesting for their demands, eventually there might be some action by the State for their particular demands. However to see a legislation being made to address the demands of all content creators it is necessary to streamline and organize a collective effort to push for such legislation into place.

The Content Creators Coalition was founded just for that and it will continue to prioritize and advocate for the protection and support of those content creators.  The organisation will make sure that any group of content creators who require appropriate changes being made for facilitating their growth and development shall be given an opportunity to be heard by the State.

What Content Creators Coalition sources to fund its activities?

Content Creators Coalition members include Roseanne Cash, T Bone Burnett and David Byrne, these along with other people who advocate fairness and equity in the platforms such as YouTube and Facebook for content creation. For instance, a recent Content Creators Coalition campaign namely “YouTube Can Do Better” demonstrates the story of YouTube as a businessman and a musician young man. It showcases the unfair practices of splitting the revenue generated by the content between its creator and YouTube as a Google-owned video platform.

These practices are designed to favour Google over the creators by allowing the company claim the content as its property to increase its ad revenue but not splitting it fairly with the content creators. Further, the Content Creators Coalition has been consistently assisting content creators by its resources and in its endeavours generous supporters like the Creative Migration are helping the organisation being a fiscal sponsor of the organisation until its 501(c) (3) status is not achieved.

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