CCB Extra Payment ~ When Will You Receive Canada Child Benefit Extra Payment for 2023?

You will find the CCB Extra Payment here: Canada Child Benefit Extra Payment Coming for 2023. We all know that the Government of Canada provides child benefits for all those families who are unable to meet the daily needs of their children. Therefore this scheme will promote them to secure the future of the child.

If you have more than one child and you live together then you can claim CCB Extra Payment from the government. Every month, Canada Child Benefit payments are made on the 20th, so the CCB November 2023 Payment was made available on November 20, 2023, and then the CCB December 2023 Payment will be available on December 13, 2023.

CCB Extra Payment

If you are looking for a CCB Extra Payment Benefit which will be made for you in the month of November and December 2023. If you have a child up to 18 years of age then you can apply for this scheme and get benefits from the federal government. There are many plans available in Canada and Canada Child Benefit is one of them.

Eligible child benefits in Canada will be provided by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). If you want to know more about Canada Child Benefit Extra Payment 2023 then read this article till the end and collect the information available here. The Canada Child Benefit Plan was launched in 2016 and since then many children in Canada have benefited.

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Canada Child Benefit Extra Payment for 2023 – Overview

PlanCanada Child Benefit
Eligible Age1 to 17 years old
DepartmentCanada Revenue Agency
GovernmentFederal Government
CategoryGovt Aid
Coming CCB Payment 202313th December 2023
CCB November 2023 Payment Date20th of Every Month

Canada Child Benefit Extra Payment

Canada Child Benefit Extra Payment 2023 will be made available to all families who are living on low wages. Its benefits will also be available on your family status, income tax return and annual income of your family. So if you want to benefit from this scheme then you have to fulfil all the requirements and get CCB Extra Payment from CRA to contribute to the development of your child.

You can also check the CCB Payment Schedule 2023 Due Date for December 2023 here to avoid missing payments. If you have not received the payment on the due date then you can wait for 5 working days and then contact the CRA Authority for further updates. Now you should read this article to know the recent relevant updates made by CRA for the applicants.

CCB Extra Payment ~ When Will You Receive Canada Child Benefit Extra Payment for 2023?

CCB Extra Payment Date for December 2023

If you are a Canada Child Benefit beneficiary, you will receive the CCB Extra Benefit for the current year. CCB Extra Payments for eligible households was made on 20th November 2023 and will be made on 13th December 2023. If you are an eligible family you have received your Canada Child Benefit payment on November 20, 2023, and the next payment will be made to you on December 13, 2023. This is a social assistance program run by the Government of Canada to provide child benefits at a rate ranging from CAD 522 to CAD 619.

CCB payment will be made according to the age of the children. If your child is between 1 and 6 years old you will receive a CCB Extra Payment of CAD 522 per month, while if your child is between 7 to 18 years old then the CCB Benefit Amount will be you will receive CAD 619 per month. The government provides Canada Child Benefit Payments on a monthly basis. And if your Canada Child Benefit amount is less than $240 then you will receive an annual payment where a lump sum amount will be paid to you in the month of July. You can also check your CCB Next Payment by visiting the CRA website and accessing My Account.

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Here are the Steps to Apply for Canada Child Benefit

If you are not enrolled in the Canada Child Benefit and you have an eligible child, follow the steps below and complete the CCB Application Process. If you are a low-paid parent and are unable to provide for your child’s needs then the Canada Child Benefit Plan is for you and it is now active for you to enroll and receive CCB Payments from the government. You can get the step-by-step in the section below.

  • First of all eligible applicants need to visit the official portal provided for the CCB Enrollment.
  • Then you have to select the option available as Child Benefit Plan.
  • Click on the link and open the new window where the CCB Registration Option Available.
  • Now you have to tap on the link and the Canada Child Benefit Registration window will open.
  • Provide valid details to complete the process.
  • You are required to enter a valid Mobile Number and National ID Number.
  • Now you have to provide the valid details that need to be entered in the application form.
  • Then click on the submit option and wait for the verification.
  • When the registration is verified, your CCB Payment will start as soon.

How to Know If My CCB Extra Payment Is Coming in Dec 2023?

As per the CCB Payment Schedule 2023-24, CCB Extra Payments for December 2023 will be made accordingly. If you are an eligible parent who is receiving CCB payments on time then it will also be available on the CCB Payment Due Date 2023 as prescribed by the Board.

There are many parents who are now eager for their Canada Child Benefit Extra Payment and very eagerly want to know the CCB Extra Payment Date 2023. So the government will provide the payment for you in the given schedule and if you have provided the bank details then the payment will be deposited directly into your bank account or sent a paper check to the given address on working days.

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