Benefit Payments December 2023 ~ When Will Canadians Get Govt Benefits Payment in Dec?

There are many benefit plans operating in Canada and the most responsible organization is the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) which manages all the benefits to be provided to those eligible. Canada benefit payment dates may vary depending on what type of benefit you are receiving from the government.

So today I am here to provide you complete updates on the Benefit Payment Dates for December 2023 and also here to provide the exact dates for the Canada Benefit Payment Date which will be made available in December 2023. So you have to wait for your next Canada Benefit Payment Dates. For more information, read this article till the end.

Benefit Payments December 2023

In December, eligible Canadians will receive some much-awaited funds from the government that will give them a boost to keep up with their daily expenses. If you have already enrolled in a Government of Canada plan and have been receiving benefits since the previous month, the Benefit Payment Dates for December 2023 will also be made to you. It is necessary for all the people to know the proper guidelines for the scheme and also look at the benefit payment date to confirm the date on which they can get some financial assistance from the government.

Generally, all plans available to Canadians pay them monthly but some plans offer quarterly or annual benefits. Below I have attached all the plans for which Benefit Payments will be released in December 2023. So if you want to know the exact date then you can follow the section given below.

CPP Payment Dates 2024

Canada Dental Benefit Payment

Canada Government Payment Dates

Canada Benefit Payment Dates 2023 – Overview

DepartmentCanada Revenue Agency
Article OnBenefit Payment Date December 2023
BeneficiaryCitizens of Canada
Type of PlanFinancial Supportive Plan for Eligible People
CategoryGovt Aid
Canada Benefit Payment Date 2023December 2023

CRA Benefits Payment Dates Dec 2023

Once you have verified your eligibility for any scheme the respective benefit payments will start getting to you and most of the schemes choose the direct deposit option to transfer the payment without involving any third person. It is also a way to maintain transparency in fund transfer and no one can interfere in the amount you receive from the government.

Most plans provide benefits after retirement or for senior citizens aged 65 years and above. The objective of such plans is to provide financial assistance to manage their living expenses in old age. Also, there are some schemes from which you can get benefits soon and I have mentioned them below with the Dates of Benefit Payments December 2023. You should check if your benefit payment date is in December 2023.

Benefit Payments December 2023 ~ When Will Canadian Get Govt Benefits Payment in Dec?

Type of Benefit Plan by CRA

There are many plans currently in the country and millions of people are getting benefit from them. If you want to know What the Plan for which the Benefit Payment is in December 2023 you need to check the list below and also get the Canada Benefit Payment Dates 2023 from the following sections. It is a goal of the Government of Canada to maintain the security of people in the country where they are living to provide some financial support. The schemes are basically for lower and middle-income families to cover their daily expenses to survive in society.

If you qualify for any of the following schemes then can submit the Canada Benefit Plan Application Form with complete eligibility. Once you are verified to be eligible for the particular plan then the respective available benefit will be provided to you. The Benefit Payment 2023 you will receive through a scheme will depend on your annual income and the tax return benefit you have filed for a tax year. In order to get the benefit from the government through a plan they need to apply with proper details and documents and wait for the official approval to get the incentive amount. Check the List of available plans in Canada below.

List of CRA Benefit Plans

  • Canada Pension Plan (CPP)
  • Old Age Security (OAS)
  • Canada Child Benefit (CCB)
  • GST/ HST Credit Plan
  • Ontario Trillium Benefit (OTB)
  • Climate Action Incentive Payment (CAIP)
  • Advanced Canada Workers Benefit (ACWB)
  • Alberta Child and Family Benefit (ACFB)

Credits Canadian will Get in Dec 2023

Here are some Canada Benefit Plans for which the Benefit Payment will be available in December 2023. If you want to know Which Benefit Payments will be in Dec 2023 then check out the list below and know to receive the payment from the government.

OAS Increase 2024

Canada FPT Deposit Dates

CPP Benefit Increase 2024

Canada Child Benefit: 13th December 2023

Canada Child Benefit or Child Care Benefit is a plan in which you can receive some incentive amount to assist with some expenses of your child. It is a tax-free payment that will be provided by the Canada Revenue Agency on a monthly basis. If you have a child under the age of 18 years then can receive the Canada Child Benefit Payments for which the Installment date is in December month i.e.13th December 2023.

The government has provided this Benefit Payment for all the parents who are unable to maintain their child’s expenses. So now after this scheme, you will receive an incentive amount that can be used to cover the expenses of rearing children under the eligibility age. If you are a taxpayer in Canada then can avail the benefit from this scheme. The scheme is now available for all who satisfy the eligibility criteria. To avail of the Canada Child Benefit, you all need to submit Form RC66, RC66SCH, and Child Benefit Application.

Ontario Trillium Benefit: 8th December 2023

OTB is a combination of Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit, Northern Ontario Energy Credit, and Ontario Sales Tax Credit. The OTB Payment is scheduled monthly for the eligible citizen and the 2023 OTB Benefit Payment will be based on the 2022 Income Tax and Benefit Return. So if you want to continue the OTB Benefit to receive the payment then need to file the income tax yearly. The Payment will be issued on the 10th of each month but in December month, OTB benefit Payment 2023 will be made on the 8th of December 2023.

Canada Pension Plan: 20th December 2023

Canada Pension Plan is a retirement monthly plan for which the CPP Benefit will be given to all the contributors after retirement. If you have applied for this plan then the CPP Benefit Payment Dec 2023 Date is 20th December 2023. You will receive the CPP Payment directly in the bank account through the direct deposit method.

The CPP Benefit will be available for the contributors after retirement and in case the contributor passes then the benefit will be available to contributor families which is based on how much contributed in the CPP Program. So if you have received your previous payment then get ready for the CPP Benefit Payment Dec 2023.

Old Age Security Benefit: 20th Dec 2023

The Old Age Security is also a plan in which Senior people aged 65 and above will get benefits. This is not important for you to work in Canada because OAS Benefit Payment is also available for those who still not working or who have no working record. Everyone can apply for this Old Age Security Benefit after the age of 65 and above. But for eligibility, you must be a taxpayer in Canada and file your income tax regularly.

Veteran Disability Pension: 21st Dec 2023

It is a disability Pension Plan available for all people who are unable to work and have no income source. If you have applied for this plan then the VDP Benefit Payment 2023 will be available on a monthly basis. If we talk about the next payment then it will be made to you on 21st December 2023.

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