Average Income in Canada ~ Complete Analysis of Annual and Monthly Average Income in Canada?

The average income in Canada depends on many sections where basic income, salary, allowances and many more are included. Everyone thinks that the Canadian lifestyle is more expensive, but the minimum cost of living of people in Canada is certainly higher according to their average monthly salary.

Today you will learn here what is the average income in Canada, and monthly and annual income in Canada. The most interesting thing is that settling in Canada is everyone’s choice because Canada ranks among the top 20 countries with the highest salaries. Canada is also known for its high quality of life, political stability and job security for all individuals as well as families.

Average Income in Canada

The Canadian government is also providing a secure life to its people and encouraging them to invest their money to live a secure life. Canadian banks also allow people to participate in GIC and provide them with the facility to invest their money to reduce the cost of living. Canada has many provinces and territories in which millions of people live and earn their living.

If we talk about the average income in Canada then this figure would show around CAD 55,000 to CAD 60,000 per year. Annual salaries in Canada are also calculated according to the margins of different service sectors. If we take the average income in Canada for 2022, it was $59,300 per year and if we divide it by 12, we get approximately $4942 per month.

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Annual Average Income in Canada

According to the latest update, the national average income in Canada is set to increase by 4.2% in 2023. Many sectors provide high salaries to their employees and people tend to move to the sector that grows faster than others. Because the fast-growing sector will give them great opportunities for higher salaries in Canada.

If you have an average income in Canada and want to work more in this field then you need to improve skills and change your career and consider changing it. In this section, I will reveal the average income in Canada as well as monthly and annual income slabs for all categories of employees which provides them the freedom to live a life and can fulfil all their needs.

Average Income in Canada ~ Complete Analysis of Annual and Monthly Average Income in Canada?

What is the Average Income in Canada?

Average income in Canada is defined as the amount of money a person earns in a specific location during a certain period. If you are working where the population is counted measure the average income per capita income. Median income in Canada is determined to vary by region and also compares the wealth of different populations. The standard of living is also taken into account when measuring average income.

We know that income accounts for most of our lives and is needed if we want to make ends meet in these expensive times. The Canadian government is also improving the income slab in every region and providing them with a suitable average income in which they can manage their effective lifestyle. The average salary in Canada also increases from year to year and every time it is measured by the sector in which the large number of employees are working, some of them get effective salaries from that sector. As we look at the past average figures in Canada, the country was then in the top 20 list in terms of paying the highest rates in the world.

What is the difference between the average income in Canada in 2021 and 2022?

The following table shows the average salary in Canada by province and you can view the figures from the table below by location. The figures you see in the table are based on the period of 2021 and 2022.

ProvincesAverage Salary 2021 (Annual)Average Salary 2022 (Annual)Percentage of Change
YukonCAD 61,812CAD 67,207+8.73%
NunavutCAD 87,355CAD 82,875-5.13%
AlbertaCAD 61,865CAD 60,000-3.6%
Northwest TerritoriesCAD 65,017CAD 64,056-1.48%
ManitobaCAD 49,661CAD 59,426+17.9%
Newfoundland and LabradorCAD 55,508CAD 57,900+4.2%
OntarioCAD 55,524CAD 52,600-5.23%
SaskatchewanCAD 54,371CAD 51,300-5.65%
QuebecCAD 51,735CAD 53,300+3.03%
British ColumbiaCAD 53,416CAD 50,749-5.12%
Prince Edward IslandCAD 45,912CAD 47,515-2.7%
Nova ScotiaCAD 48,470CAD 45,900-5.45%
New BrunswickCAD 49,511CAD 43,400-12.34%

What is the Cost of Living in Canada?

In this era, the cost of living in Canada is very expensive as they require a big budget for the quality of life. Due to inflation, life can become more expensive and people want to search for an area that gives them a higher cost of living. According to a survey, the individual cost of living in Canada is $996.1 while if you are living with a family, the cost of living is around $3500 per month. If we calculate the cost of living in Canada it includes food, personal needs, transportation and many other factors used in daily life.

If you want to survive in this expensive life then you have to find a suitable income source that will give you more income. Because from time to time the expenses are very high and a person with an average income is not able to put in as much effort as required. Therefore, there is a need for income management in life so that you can secure your future. If you are an individual then you can be suitable with the average income in Canada but if you are living with family then you need a better source of income and you have to put in extra effort to earn money.

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What are the fastest-growing industries in Canada?

Sector in CanadaGrowing Rate in Canada
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation+26.3%
Real Estate+14.6%
Administrative and Support+9.4%
Public Administration+9.3%
Finance and Insurance+9.3%
Health Care and Social Assistance+9.1%
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