$2400 Canada Old Age Pension Coming In April 2024-Check OAS Payment Dates & Eligibility Criteria

The federal government of Canada, through the Department of Employment and Social Development as well as the Canada Revenue Agency, has recently unveiled an ambitious initiative that starts January 2024: $2400 OAS Benefits for February 2024 are designed to offer retirees who are 65 or over experiencing difficulty meeting rising living costs financial assistance through this scheme. 

If this applies to you, then please review Payment Eligibility Criteria before applying online; for additional details regarding payments as well as Pay Dates 2024, please read further down this article.

Scheme Name $2400 Old Age Security Benefits 2024
Organized byCanada Revenue Agency (CRA)
Administered by Federal Government of Canada
Department in the federal government Employment and Social Development Department, USA
Country Canada
Year 2024
Age criteria Age 65 years or more than that
OAS Benefit Amount 2024$2400
February Payment Date of $2400 OAS Payment 202427th February, 2024
Payment Mode Online 
Website https://www.canada.ca/ 

Know the meaning of OAS

Old Age Security (OAS), Canada’s flagship pension program, provides eligible citizens and taxpayers with a tax-deducted monthly instalment after reaching 65 years old based on government taxes paid. 

$2400 Canada Old Age Pension Coming In March 2024

Payment does not depend upon individual contributions, as this system is funded solely through public funding sources such as payroll.

Starting to receive OAS benefit payments between 65 and 70 will give an increase of approximately 36 per cent, as your eligibility for the Older Adult Supplement (OAS) depends on how long it has been since reaching age 18. 

Other factors that determine OAS eligibility include the location of residence, beneficiary age, and income levels.

OAS Increase 2024

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Changes made in OAS in 2024

One component that forms Canada’s retirement income system – in addition to the Canada Pension Plan and personal savings and financial planning – is the Old Age Security Payroll (OAS Payroll). 

Millions of Canadians depend on OAS; it was designed specifically to ensure seniors have reliable sources of income that can meet all the costs associated with retirement.

Authorities believe the OAS Increase 2024 was approved to guarantee the existence of every individual retired from employment, thus guaranteeing them financial support during retirement. 

Old Age Security will likely become one of the top benefits in Canada from 2023 to 2024 and is estimated to increase from 86912 CD to 90997 CAD per annum.

NameOAS Changes in 2024
OrganizationCRA, Canada Revenue Agency
Beneficiaries65+ retired population of Canada
Amount in 2023CAD 66500
Amount in 2024CAD 68500
Maximum Contribution LimitCAD 90997

Steps to Claim the Benefits 

If you meet the eligibility requirements for Old Age Security benefits, an application to claim $2400 OAS Benefits 2024 payment includes six steps that allow for quick processing time before receiving their funds.

  • Candidates meeting the eligibility requirements can complete their applications for OAS Payment 2024 of $2400 by following these guidelines and each of the six steps necessary to apply. Those eligible will then receive their money.
  • As part of their application for $2400 Extra Old-Age Security in 2024, applicants have the freedom to select the start date of their $2400 OAS payments that year. In general, recipients should begin taking these payments within one month after reaching 65; however, they have an opportunity to select any date they like for starting this sum of payments in 2024.
  • For getting Old Age Security payment 2024, the starting date for applying will be published, so everyone who wants to apply should immediately submit their application through its official site if they don’t receive their letter for confirmation. In addition, the candidates must write down all essential personal information such as name and date of birth, specify their gender, attach their signature and photograph, submit any documents that prove the veracity of the data they’ve provided, and provide credible evidence to corroborate their statements.
  • Canada Revenue Agency will inform these people through a letter from an official correspondent or a decision letter that contains details like monthly payment amounts, initial payment dates, and what debts are charged to them. Authorities need more details if necessary.
  • As applicants must remain up-to-date with their applications’ progress, they need to monitor their status by accessing My Service Canada Account (MSCA), calling Service Canada for help, or creating one on their own if one doesn’t already exist. If an MSCA account already exists, they can set it up from within MSCA if one doesn’t.

Criteria for holding on to the benefits of OAS Payment 2024

  • People who meet the qualifications for OAS Payment 2024 of $2400 OAS Benefits Pay Eligibility can qualify to be paid OAS Payment of that sum in 2024. It will total $2400.
  • All applicants must be aged 65 or above.
  • Who Can Apply: People meeting eligibility requirements but who have yet to collect Old-Age Security can apply in 2024 and get paid upfront.
  • Anyone can sign up and apply for their OAS Payment of $2400 OAS Payment 2024 once in their lives if they have never applied before and know for certain that the Department of Employment and Social Development of the Canadian Federal Government isn’t reviewing it currently.
  • Canadian citizenship is considered a prerequisite when making their application.
  • Once applicants turn 18 years old, they must reside within Canada for at least ten years before becoming an applicant for citizenship.
  • Beneficiaries’ accounts should never be accessible by unauthorized third parties.
  • Beneficiaries seeking benefits must access MSCA (My Service Canada Accounts).

What are OAS payments?

Canada provides seniors aged over 65 a monthly Old Age Security (OAS) pension payment to assist in meeting financial needs associated with retirement and provide low-income pensioners with guaranteed income Supplement benefits (GIS).

OAS payment dates in 2024 will fall on January 29. This date marks the third and final calendar day. Please find all of the necessary information about OAS Payment Schedule 2024 from one website here.

OAS beneficiaries who currently reside outside Canada could still qualify if they meet criteria regarding age and citizenship before leaving, plus were residents for over 20 years before turning 18 years old.

Post TitleOAS Payment Schedule 2024
Scheme NameOld Age Security Pension Scheme
OAS January payment DateJanuary 29, 2024
OAS Payment Amount$784.67
Eligible Age65 years and above

Payment Datasheet

OAS payments will be issued monthly on the third day. In cases when this date falls on an unlisted public holiday, payment may be processed one additional day before the Canada OAS Pay Date in 2024.

Beneficiaries may refer to the following table for an in-depth view of Canada OAS Payroll Schedule 2024.

Month Canada OAS Payment Schedule 2024
January, 2024Jan 29
February, 2024Feb 27
March, 2024Mar 26
April, 2024April 26
May, 2024May 29
June, 2024June 26
July, 2024July 29
August, 2024Aug 28
September, 2024Sept 25
October, 2024Oct 29
November, 2024Nov 27
December, 2024Dec 20

The Federal government is shifting away from check payments and moving towards direct deposits for all benefits and the payment of benefits. Benefits can be received before or later than these dates If you’ve never established a direct deposit until now and you are getting them via cheque. Through a phone call to 1-800-277-9914 and/or using the My Service Canada Account online to make direct payments to a Canadian bank.

Amount of OAS payments in 2024

As millions of individuals rely on pensions offered by employers and income and savings from personal savings for retirement benefits, OAS 2024 stands as an iconic program to provide senior citizens with financial security as a basis. It aims to do just this.

On January 1st, 2024, OAS benefits will change between CAD 66,600 and 68,500; maximum monthly OAS benefits for people 75 years old or above will rise by $784.67, while monthly maximum OAS benefits between 65-74 will decrease accordingly.

To account for inflation’s effects and adjust OAS benefits accordingly, CPI can be used as an index that measures price changes of living. Every quarter in January, April, July, and October, this amount is revised in line with changes.

Application of OAS payments

Some individuals may receive an OAS letter that confirms they qualify and that payments will begin after age 65. If this applies to you but no confirmation letter exists from them yet, complete an application instead.

Get an application online or by phone (call 1-800-277-9914); it may also be obtained in-person from Service Canada office locations; alternatively, if you already have a My Service Canada Account (MSCA), submit an online application directly through this platform.

If you don’t already have one, creating an MSCA account can help expedite the application process by giving you access to personal access numbers when complete. Utilize official guidelines when filling out and sending in your application for submission by Service Canada.

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Track the status of OAS payments in 2024

For an efficient review of your OAS pension Status in 2024, follow these steps:

  • Register on My Service Canada Account (MSCA).
  • Click “Application Status” to determine whether any notifications related to CPP have been sent out to you.
  • Choose “Payment Information” to gain more details regarding the status of your OAS transactions.
  • Now, you should be able to view the OAS payments tracker.

Conclusion of OAS 2024

By 2024, those eligible will start to see an upswing in OAS and CPP payments, according to mandates set by government authorities, in January. Earners earning over $90997 annually could find their payments reduced.

OAS benefits will decrease by 15 per cent for every greenback earned above this limit; otherwise, they remain unchanged. 

Overall, Old Age Security (OAS) provides those eligible with Canada an initial income stream in retirement regardless of location and income levels; it can provide much-needed stability during retirement regardless of how much is earned based on OAS earnings and location benefits alone. 

Upon reaching 65, it’s essential to determine your eligibility for other government benefits like OAS before retiring!

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FAQs For $2400 Canada Old Age Pension 2024

What exactly can be gained by receiving OAS payments?

OAS (Canada Old Age Pension) is an OAS funded by a government program designed to offer financial support for Canadian seniors aged 65 or above.

What are my payment details for OAS 2024?

OAS payments are scheduled on a monthly cycle; specific dates for payments for 2024 can be found by visiting Service Canada or the official Government of Canada site.

What can I anticipate from OAS by 2024?

OAS pension is calculated based on several variables, such as your years spent living in Canada before reaching retirement age and how often OAS payments increase quarterly to coincide with CPI (Consumer Price Index). Starting January 20,24, the maximum monthly OAS pension increase corresponds with CPI increases every quarter.

What are the eligibility requirements to qualify for OAS by 2024?

To qualify for an OAS pension in 2024, you will have to:
Age 65 years or above required.
You must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada (having resided here for at least ten years before turning 18 years of age or meeting specific residency criteria if living outside Canada) to apply.

Will OAS apply if I live outside Canada?

Yes, OAS benefits may still apply even if you live outside Canada, provided that they meet residency criteria; however, the amount eligible could depend on factors like where you reside as well as any international agreements made by Canada with that nation.

Are my options open to receiving other benefits alongside OAS by 2024? 

Your eligibility to receive additional benefits beyond OAS, such as Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) and Allowance for the Survivor, may depend on factors like earnings, marital status, and residency status.

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