US Health Stimulus Card-Registration Process, Application Form & Eligibility Criteria

Health Stimulus Cards, also called Economic Impact Payment cards or EIP cards, provide complete information regarding eligibility criteria and potential benefits from purchasing one. In this article, you can learn all about getting and using such a card.

At a critical juncture of their pandemic response, Americans needed financial help swiftly. Mastercard played an indispensable part in providing this support by expediting payment procedures directly into millions of cardholder accounts, making MasterCard transactions significantly faster than checks.

The Health Stimulus Card 2024 appears to provide many survivors of economically low-status relief from COVID-19’s pandemic a critical source of aid, helping improve health by offering financial aid for eligible recipients.

Card name Health Stimulus Card | EIP Stimulus Card
Another name Economic Impact Payment Card 
Issued in USA
Issued by Treasury Department of USA
Sent by Mail 
Working like Debit card 
Post type Finance

Health Stimulus Card

Citizens in the USA have received Stimulus Payments as tax credits through Economic Impact Payment Cards delivered in white envelopes through Money Card Holder Network Services. These Economic Impact Payment cards serve to improve economic health.

US Health Stimulus Card

In your envelope will be documents such as an information brochure about your card, fees for activation and activation process, and a note from the Authority. Once received, to activate and use it you must activate via phone call or online portals – with no monthly fees to worry about! The second EIP mailed may differ in payment forms from its predecessor mailed earlier this year.

Health Stimulus Card benefits include being safe, convenient, and secure – you can make purchases anywhere debit cards are accepted – from stores like stores where Debit cards are accepted through to online balance checking without incurring fees for replacement cards and individual fees for replacing EIP Stimulus Cards without incurring extra costs incurred with each replacement request incurred for EIP Stimulus Cards issued from different banks – each card features both Visa’s logo on its front panel as well as their bank’s details – in its mailing instructions you will learn all how easily you can utiliSe this card in terms of use – making life much simpler!

Now is the time to read this article to gain more clarity regarding cards that will make life easy for recipients.

What is the Health Stimulus Plan?

At times of epidemic COVID-19 infection, many low-income residents need an aid program like Health Stimulus Plan 2023 as a source of financial relief to maintain good health. By giving qualified individuals cash support payments under this financial relief scheme, its purpose is to enhance people’s wellness.

For anyone eligible for health stimulus plans but unable to receive them directly through IRS deposits, Health Stimulus Cards were issued from “Money Network Cardholder Services”. Your card will come complete with vital card details, activation instructions, and fees, as well as a note from the U.S. Treasury – arriving in an unassuming envelope addressed from “Money Network Cardholder Services”.

Balance checking without fees payment

The balance can be checked conveniently through many ways without paying any cost and at any time you want.

Mobile App: Download and install the Money Network Mobile App.

Online: The official website at needs to be visited, and information can be accessed on the account.

By phone: call the helpline number 1-800-240-8100.

$485-$2400 Social Security Increase

$2400 COLA Checks Deposit Date for Seniors

How the Card can be used to get cash without any fee payment?

Several ways are there through which an individual can avail cash from the card without paying fees.

  • One of the In-Network All Point brands ATMs can be used for cash withdrawal. Money Network Mobile App option can be selected by you or choose the option of ATM locator at near you. There may be some limitations to the cash withdrawal amount, above which you will not be able to withdraw the cash.
  • A Money Network Check can be requested by you and redeemed at particular check cashing locations. Visit to determine the closest contributing check cashing places. To prevent fees, make sure to cash only Money Network Checks exclusively at these approved locations. There might be limitations on the amount you can cash.

Who Can Avail of It (eligibility criteria)?

IRS needed your bank account information, so they issued you an Economic Impact Payment card despite qualifying for it. Now, your Economic Impact Payment will be easily accessible with this card in hand!

Stimulus cards require meeting certain qualifying requirements set forth by the government, including meeting some criteria listed below:

People who qualify typically need to provide evidence that they filed a tax return the prior year.

To be eligible to apply for Health Stimulus initiatives, candidates may either be employed, partially employed, or jobless due to pandemic influenza.

Adequate Gross Income, or AGI, serves as the standard measure for eligibility in this program. To be considered eligible, applicants must verify their income from the prior tax year to establish eligibility.

Families filing taxes together, such as children and elderly dependents, could qualify.

Health Stimulus Cards are typically only made available to legal citizens or permanent residents of a particular nation.

Receiving other government benefits, such as unemployment aid, does not preclude one from getting a health stimulus check.

Government authorities have set forth some eligibility requirements to be considered eligible for the Stimulus card, such as meeting some or all of these:

Taxpayer Status: Eligible individuals should submit proof that they filed a federal income tax return in the last year; those who have not yet filed an ITR may still qualify, although additional steps need to be taken for registration of their stimulus payments.

Employment Status: Due to the pandemic impact, applicants who seek Health stimulus programs may need to be currently or partially employed (with some kind of employment status such as part-time employment or unemployment).

Income Threshold: People within certain income brackets can apply for this program, which is defined by AGI (Adjusted Gross Income), by verifying their previous tax returns. Candidates whose AGI exceeds an applicable limit do not qualify to access a Health Stimulus Card.

Dependents: Eligibility could apply to family members included in a tax filing, such as children or elderly dependents who fall within its scope.

Residence or Citizenship: Access to Health Stimulus Cards is typically only open to legal residents or citizens of a nation; non-residents and undocumented immigrants typically do not qualify.

Receiving Other Government Benefits: Receiving other government assistance like unemployment aid does not disqualify individuals automatically from receiving health stimulus checks; rather, it can influence how much of a stimulus check they qualify for.

How Can I Activate the Card? 

To access Economic Impact Payment at its early stages, activation is of utmost importance – either via phone or online portals – of your card either physically or digitally. Only one card per household may be obtained; therefore, it falls on its primary cardholder to activate and ensure its activation.

Assuming you are the primary cardholder.

  • Call 1-800-240-8100
  • To verify your identity, provide your name, social security number, and address.
  • To use an ATM, a four-digit PIN must first be established. Customer service representatives can assist in creating or recovering lost PINs – they even help those who have forgotten them set new ones!
  • Check your balance regularly so you have an accurate idea of the amounts received and spent.

After activating their card, customers are ready to use it instantly. Money never expires on this card, and there are no monthly or inactivity fees attached; consumers do not even have to return any unused balance as no taxes apply to this money!

$2400 COLA Checks Deposit Date for Seniors

$2000 Stimulus Checks Direct Deposit Started

How the Stimulus Health Card can be used to get cash without paying fees or interest payments?

Individuals have several ways of accessing cash without incurring fees when using their cards.

Cash withdrawal options at All Point brands ATMs include the Money Network Mobile App or EIPCard’s ATM locator feature; there may also be limitations regarding withdrawal amounts that have to be adhered to before withdrawing money from an All Point brand ATM.

Money Network Checks are easily requested through They may be cashed at any one of their participating check cashing locations near your location, with possible restrictions placed upon their redemption, such as limits on how many can be cashed at once or other restrictions regarding fees that apply when redeeming these checks at specific cashing locations.

To find participating locations near you, visit; to avoid fees, be sure only to cash your Money Network checks at these approved cashing places (some locations might limit how many checks can be cashed).

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FAQs For US Health Stimulus Card

How are acceptance criteria defined?

Eligibility criteria, whether it is medical insurance, type of employment, or size of family, are usually set based on elements such as family income, employment status, household size, and degree of medical needs. They might also need to produce evidence by providing documents to clarify their right to participate.

Will the Health Stimulus Card cover the cost of the treatment, or will the funds be transferred directly to the entity delivering the healthcare services?

The range of services covered by Health Stimulus Cards is quite wide and may consist of visits to doctors, purchases of pharmaceutical supplies, preventive therapies at medical facilities, etc.

Can I use this Health Stimulus Card to pay for their services, regardless of where I go for healthcare?

For health stimulation, the Health Stimulus Card applies to places where healthcare services are provided, which may be hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and laboratories, among other healthcare facilities.

Is it a lump sum or a fixed amount allocated each month or year, and at what amount?

The amount of health stimulus aid ranges from less intensive cases where financial assistance is determined by personal income, household size, and medical needs among the more complex cases where officials have to take into account these factors together. Fixed benefits amount to some claiming it, while others may receive assistance capped on a certain percentage of their medical bills expense.

How often do I need to renew my Health Stimulus Card?

Renewal requirements that the government can implement are not uniform. The renewal timeline for Health Stimulus Cards may be different from one another depending on their usage, while other ones may last for a longer period.

Can I apply for this Health Stimulus Card on behalf on behalf of someone else?

Particularly in some cases, caretakers or the ones assigned for legal campaigns could get the Health Stimulus Card renewable on behalf of the dependent. Therefore, the individual conduct in such matters might become subject to different conditions in different state institutions.

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