Canada Apple iPhone Settlement Claim 2024 Update-Check Here Timeline and Deadlines 

So there is this big legal proceeding taking place in Canada called the Apple iPhone Class Action Lawsuit, starting back in 2018. 

This lawsuit alleges that certain iPhone models, including 6, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, SE 7, and 7 Plus, were experiencing slowness or battery issues following software updates. 

With users complaining, their phones became slower over time or suddenly shut off unexpectedly – potentially caused by software updates. 

Essentially, some claim their phones started becoming slower with battery drain issues increasing over time or suddenly shutting off unexpectedly! Quite an eye-opener! It matters greatly.

At first, several lawsuits were filed in different provinces: British Columbia (Crema vs Apple Inc. and Apple Canada Inc.; S-188008, and Strohmaier vs Apple Inc. and Apple Canada Inc., S-186592).

Ontario (Gaudio v. Apple Inc and Apple Canada Inc – 479/18CL, Collins Swartz Vs Apple Inc Vs Apple Canada Vs Saleh Vs Apple Inc Vs Apple Canada Inc Vs Saleh), etc; this ultimately culminated into class action lawsuits being brought forth.

Background of the Canada Apple iPhone Slowdown Lawsuit

The lawsuit alleges that specific iOS operating software versions (10.2.1, 10.3, 11, and 11.2) caused performance degradation for certain iPhone models, known as “throttling,” whereby an operating system deliberately reduces device speed to conserve battery life and slow the performance of its device.

Canada Apple iPhone Settlement Claim 2024

Claimants in this lawsuit contend that iPhone batteries were defective, leading to premature ageing and degradation – leading to unexpected shutdowns under low battery charge conditions or in cold climates.

This lawsuit alleges that Apple intentionally concealed information related to performance degradation and battery issues.

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Eligibility for Apple iPhone Settlement Claim 2024

To qualify for the Apple Canada iPhone Settlement Claim, individuals must meet specific eligibility criteria outlined by the settlement agreement.

To qualify for the Apple Canada iPhone Settlement Claim, individuals must meet specific eligibility criteria outlined by the settlement agreement:

Covered iPhone Models: It involves some iPhone models such as iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, SE, 7, and 7 Plus, running iOS 10.2.1 and its subsequent versions.

Qualifying Period: To be eligible, claimants must have been the owners or leaseholders of one of the covered iPhone models by December 21, 2017, or have suffered from a slowing down phenomenon.

Eligibility Requirements: Those who are eligible to take part must be residents of Canada and who have had problems with the processing speed of the device, for example, on a qualifying iPhone device.

Canada Apple Class Action Settlement Amount

Apple recently decided to give between $11,137,500 and $14,427,500 as settlement money to settle a lawsuit without admitting liability – without taking responsibility themselves! They simply want the problem to disappear!

Attributes such as age and condition will determine each claimant’s compensation amount, but on average, it could reach $150 for every iPhone meeting the criteria in this lawsuit. Once court approval of the settlement amount has taken place, claimants will receive specific instructions regarding how they can submit claims for processing.

Final Hearing

On January 29th, 2024, at Vancouver Court House will take place a final hearing regarding Apple’s settlement proposal. Once approved by the Court, detailed guidelines will be distributed to class members on how they may submit claims against it.

Legal Rights and Options for Class Members

Opting out is another choice available to individuals – the deadline has been set at January 10, 2024, for opting out to give individuals the ability to pursue their lawsuit independently against Apple without incurring class action settlement benefits. Unfortunately, opting out also excludes people from being eligible for settlement benefits that would come through opt-out of class action settlement.

Oppose the Settlement. Class members who had concerns or disagreements with any terms proposed for settlement could submit written objections by 5 PM local time on January 10, 2024, in writing to Class Counsel and submit written notice of them by that same date and time.

Finally, if you prefer not to do anything right now, that is perfectly okay; even though you will not actively contribute anything yourself, if eligible, you could still benefit financially through group membership and any money awarded as part of it. Just know that by not doing anything, you must adhere to all court rulings regarding this case.

Process for Filing a Claim

Filing a claim under Apple Canada iPhone Settlement involves several steps; please see below.

Gather Documentation for Claiming Purposes: Before beginning a claim, verify the qualifying period and your ownership or lease documents, as well as the defect in your device.

Complete Claim Form: The settlement website can be visited, and an online claim form can be filled out by providing correct details such as your iPhone model, ownership or lease information, as well as the type of performance issues you have encountered.

Submit Supporting Documents: Please submit copies, photos, or scans of the needed documents, namely receipts, iPhone serial number information, and email correspondence between you and Apple regarding the matter or any performance issues.

Review and Confirmation: Make sure that the form (check that the form) is completed correctly and its components are enclosed before submitting it with its documents to the correct parties for their comments.

Claim Verification: Here is the point where the case brings the submission of a claim and relevant supporting documents to a claims reviewer thereby, who identifying the eligibility, quantifying each claimant, and determining what they are owed.

Acceptance and Compensation: The claims, when approved, will be the terms upon which the beneficiaries can be compensated if their claims are granted. It covers different types of restitution such as cash refunds, credit from the Apple Store to your account, and repair compensation considering available funds and the extent of damages you may claim.

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Understanding Compensation plans & their meaning

The Apple Canada iPhone Settlement provides various forms of compensation to eligible claimants, such as:

Cash Payments: Qualified claimants could receive cash payments as compensation for the diminished value of their iPhones due to performance throttling.

Apple Store Credits: As another alternative, claimants may choose to receive Apple Store credits to be put towards purchasing products or services from Apple.

Repair Reimbursements: People who incurred out-of-pocket expenses related to fixing or replacing their iPhones due to performance issues could qualify for reimbursement of those costs.

Timeline and Deadlines 

Eligible individuals need to understand the timeline and deadlines associated with the Apple Canada iPhone Settlement Claim process:

Claim Filing Period: Once court approval of a settlement agreement has been given, claimants have an allotted timeframe within which to file their claims, generally several months from its approval date.

Review and Approval Process: Then, our claims administrators will undergo a formal procedure of checking each claim separately for the fulfilment of eligibility criteria, which may last several weeks up to months, depending on the total number of claims files.

Distribution Timeline: However, once all the claims that meet the required criteria have been verified and validated, award distribution will commence. In most cases, the completion happens after the precise determination with a prescribed tolerance window.

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FAQs For Canada Apple iPhone Settlement Claim 2024

Which iPhones are covered in settlements?

iPhones that can be upgraded are mostly the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and 6s Plus onwards.

Is my iPhone eligible for a settlement, and how can I check?

You can verify the eligibility of your iPhone with minimal hassle at the settlement website or by consulting settlement administrators.

What evidence do I need to provide to back the claim?

Documents which come in, such as receipts, bills, serial numbers or anything which involves your claim, could be needed.

Is There A Deadline To File My Claim?

Yes, all claims must be filed by a specific deadline to be validly considered.

Am I eligible to file on behalf of another, such as my family?

Under certain conditions, individuals may be allowed to file claims on behalf of others – legal guardians and authorised representatives are two examples of those allowed.

Will filing a claim affect my warranty or future interactions with Apple?

Filing a claim should have no lasting repercussions for either your warranty or future interactions with Apple since settlement agreements are meant to address past grievances and are designed solely to resolve outstanding issues.

Will It Take Long For Compensation After Filing My Claim?

Timing may vary for when compensation will arrive; however, settlement administrators typically strive to process claims quickly.

Can I opt out of the settlement agreement and pursue legal action on my own?

Yes, individuals may opt out of any settlement offered and take legal action on their own accord should they deem it necessary.

What costs may be involved when filing a claim?

Claim filing costs associated with Apple Canada iPhone Settlement may typically not apply.

Can I appeal if my claim is denied?

Yes, individuals do have the option of appealing if their claim has been denied under procedures set by settlement administrators.

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